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Butch and Amanda Rinaldi (Photo by Suzanne Monteverdi/QNS)
Butch and Amanda Rinaldi (Photo by Suzanne Monteverdi/QNS)












Weight Lifting for MMA Fighters

Weight Lifting for MMA Fighters

Many people going to the gym lift heavy to get big, which is fine, but weight training for boxers and mixed martial artist needs to be a little different.

Lifting weights for a combat athlete needs to be explosive, so keep the weights light & due many reps. You want to simulate the movements & tempo of a fight, not only does this condition your muscles but it also gets your heart and lungs in fighting shape.

Warm ups:

Weighted shadow boxing

Push ups

Pull ups




Bent Over Row

Upright Row

Military press dumbbell & barbell

Good Morning

Split Squats

Squat & Push Press


Again, keep the weight light & the movements explosive. Make sure to use Proper Form, we are lifting to get stronger for the fight not to injure ourselves.

How Do I Get Good At MMA?

How Do I Get Good At MMA?


 Getting good at MMA is like getting good at anything else, it takes repetition & consistency.

 A short list of things you need to get good at MMA:

  1.  A good coach
  2. Necessary training equipment
  3. Training partners
  4. A desire to get good

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6 Signs Your Boxing is Improving

6 Signs Your Boxing is Improving

1) Boxing Stamina

When you first started taking class you barely made it through the warm ups. Most people don’t understand just how demanding boxing can be on the body, the good news is the body responds pretty quickly. After a couple of months, you should be able to do the whole class without any extra breaks.


2) Your able to Throw Combinations

Throwing punches while moving & working defense, in the beginning is almost impossible, but with the right coach & a can do attitude you’ve now made it.


3) Your Punching Harder & Faster

You & friends in the gym are noticing your punches are faster & more explosive. The countless repetitions are paying off.


4) You’ve Started to Spar

Your coach has invited you to start sparring. This is an exciting & scary time. A good coach will put you in a situation to succeed. Meaning slow careful situational sparring at first with a steady increase in intensity, until you are fully sparring.


5) You can Defend Yourself

You can work your defense against an unwilling opponent.


6) Your Friends are Asking for Advice

Guys & gals in the gym are asking you if they are punching, blocking, or moving the right way. Good for you that’s a real confidence boost.



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Butch’s Boxing & MMA Announces Kids with Special Needs Class in Bayside

Butch’s Boxing & MMA Announces Kids with Special Needs Class in Bayside

QUEENS, N.Y.June 30, 2017PRLogKids with Special Needs Boxing/MMA Class

Bayside, NY-June 30, 2017-Butch’s Boxing & MMA announces the beginning of the special needs summer class in Bayside, NY. The special needs Boxing/Martial arts class will start on July 1st, 2017 & end August 26th, 2017, with a makeup day on September 9th.

The special needs boxing/MMA class is geared for any high functioning child with an IEP. The exercises and stretching done in boxing and martial arts classes will help children that have low or high tone. Low/high tone means that the child’s muscles have not developed the same as other kids. Children with low or high tone may have problems with flexibility, balance, walking, and range of motion. The long fluid movements of boxing and martial arts are perfect for helping children with these conditions.

Boxing and martial arts classes for Children that have ADHD or that are on the spectrum for autism can improve their focus, patience, and their social skills which can translate to better performance in school.

The key to a boxing and martial arts program for kids with special needs working is consistency. These programs are excellent for kids that have Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Autism, speech and other developmental conditions.


Butch’s Boxing & MMA has been servicing the Bayside, Queens community for over five years. The reason for this program is because the owners of the gym have children with special needs & know how hard it is to find a program specifically designed for special needs kids. For more information visit



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