About Butch’s Boxing & MMA Gym

Mixed Martial Arts Training in Queens NY

Bringing the best Boxing & MMA classes to Bayside, Queens

Family Owned & Operated


At Butch’s Boxing & MMA we have lots of heavy bags, speed bags, professional Boxing Ring and a wide variety of training equipment. We have an old school boxing mentality of hard work pays off at our gym.

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The great thing about our classes is that it is truly for anyone.

We helped Alex lose 100lbs.FAT-Alex-for-poster


Brenda trained with us for three years before she went through double knee replacement & was back in our gym 4 months later training .Brenda

When Coach Amanda came in the first thing she said was “I want to compete”, 8 months later she won the Golden Gloves.


When Marlon came in he wanted to get in shape,after losing 30 lbs. He decided he wanted to compete.Marlon-boxing-in-queensWhat ever your goals are we can help you achieve them.In our boxing & MMA classes we focus on the fundamentals, you are not a punching bag & you wont be treated like one at Butch’s Boxing & MMA. We will be right by your side walking you through every offensive & defensive drill.

For more info, give us a call.


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