6 Signs Your Boxing is Improving

6 Signs Your Boxing is Improving

1) Boxing Stamina

When you first started taking class you barely made it through the warm ups. Most people don’t understand just how demanding boxing can be on the body, the good news is the body responds pretty quickly. After a couple of months, you should be able to do the whole class without any extra breaks.


2) Your able to Throw Combinations

Throwing punches while moving & working defense, in the beginning is almost impossible, but with the right coach & a can do attitude you’ve now made it.


3) Your Punching Harder & Faster

You & friends in the gym are noticing your punches are faster & more explosive. The countless repetitions are paying off.


4) You’ve Started to Spar

Your coach has invited you to start sparring. This is an exciting & scary time. A good coach will put you in a situation to succeed. Meaning slow careful situational sparring at first with a steady increase in intensity, until you are fully sparring.


5) You can Defend Yourself

You can work your defense against an unwilling opponent.


6) Your Friends are Asking for Advice

Guys & gals in the gym are asking you if they are punching, blocking, or moving the right way. Good for you that’s a real confidence boost.



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