Belle Harbor Family Takes Stand Against Bullying

Belle Harbor Family Takes Stand Against Bullying in Queens NY



The Breslin family is not backing down to bullies.

According to Quinn Breslin’s parents Liz & Kevin on Feb. 1st two boys picked up Quinn a fourth grader at ps 114 in Queens by his sweatshirt & threw him to the ground. In response Quinn was detention for three days. You read that right the kid that is getting bullied is being punished.

“After the guidance counselor conducted her perfunctory interviews, the Principal, Mr. Stephen Grill called us and said that ‘Quinn will be receiving three days’ detention because one of the boys interviewed said Quinn cursed,’” the signs in the video read.

“This is not just about Quinn,” Smith-Breslin said. “This is about every child and every parent out there who doesn’t know what to do. You need to speak up, stand up and fight for your rights and not tolerate a bully or a principal who acts like a bully.”

“Quinn’s teacher has been fantastic,” Smith-Breslin, a former teacher and guidance counselor herself, said. “[P.S. 114] has great teachers and other staff. This is not against them in anyway; however, this is against the protocol and policies and how a principal handles situations like this.”


“The good news is that we were obviously heard and the district office and Department of Education are on it,” she said. “The district office will be working on implementing some programs and more help to P.S. 114, especially in the schoolyard at lunchtime so that issues like this can be avoided in the future. By us doing this, the school will hopefully be a more positive environment and if it helps other parents and other children, that’s exactly what we wanted.”



No Bullying in Queens NY

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